Horne Street Chiropractic FAQs


What can I expect at each visit?

First Consultation (Initial Consultation) $70:

We provide a thorough examination diagnosis and treatment on your first visit. Allow 45 minutes for your initial chiropractic consultation. During this visit, we will take a detailed case history and then undertake a physical examination to assess your spine, nervous system function and overall health. The physical exam will include specific postural, orthopaedic, musculo-skeletal and neurological tests. These tests are gentle and non-invasive. If required, you may be referred for x-rays or other investigations. Once all the relevant information is gathered, we will provide you with an explanation of the problem and what treatment will be required to alleviate the condition. Treatment is normally undertaken on the first visit, advice on acute aggravating factors and lifestyle changes will also be given.


Follow-up treatment:

Once your chiropractor knows your history, return chiropractic visits are approximately 15 to 25 minutes. Along with your treatment, our chiropractors are trained to provide advice on: stretches, exercises, work ergonomics, correct posture, health and wellness, nutritional guidance and much more.

What does treatment involve?

We understand that each patient is unique, therefore treatment is specifically tailored to the patient’s needs.

Chiropractic adjustments usually form a significant aspect of treatment but not the whole treatment. The adjustment consists of a gentle controlled force applied to a specific joint. The amount of force used is tailored to the specific needs of the patient. This may involve traditional moderate force adjustments applied by hand or mild low-force techniques such as the Impulse Adjusting System might be more appropriate.

We will most often make these adjustments to the spine, but may adjust other joints, such as the ankle, knee, wrist, elbow, or shoulder in order to restore structural alignment or to improve joint function. We will also use a range of techniques in addition to joint adjustments and mobilisations including (but not limited to) acupuncture and dry needling, trigenics muscle stretching and strengthening, rehabilitation, electrotherapy modalities including cold laser, nutritional support, specific muscular releases and traction. All the treatment types that we employ are at our hands and each patient’s treatment is tailored to them using many of these modalities all within the one cost.

How much treatment will be required?
The aim of treatment is to get you feeling well as quickly as possible. When being treated for a complaint such as back or neck pain, you will most likely receive a series of adjustments, separated by either a day or a few days to incrementally reduce the irritation and improve normal function. Once out of pain, some patients choose to continue treatment at increased intervals to feel well while others only seek treatment when their condition is irritated.
Will I need X-rays?
In most cases X-rays are not necessary. After taking your case history and performing full examination, we make a clinical decision if x-rays are required. X-rays may be taken in cases of trauma or to rule out disease processes. In some complex cases, X rays may be taken to have a better understanding of the condition of your spine. It is not always necessary to have x-rays in order to receive chiropractic care. 
Does it hurt? / Is it safe?

Most people remain comfortable while having their spine adjusted. Each patient is carefully assessed to decide which techniques are used and the amount of pressure which will provide the best result.

Chiropractic is considered a 'low risk' health approach. Research suggests that it is 250 times safer than over the counter anti inflammants.

("A risk assessment of cervical manipulation vs. NSAIDs for the treatment of neck pain"-Dabbs V et al. J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 1995.)

Do you just treat backs?

No, we are able to treat a wide range of joint and muscle ailments of all parts of the body. Chiropractic can have a positive impact on a broad range of health issues including but not limited to: back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, ankle pain and also muscle injuries.

The application of a wide range of further techniques and therapies allows us to substantially enhance the treatment of these  joint and muscle injuries. We can also effectively treat headaches and migraines using chiropractic and other adjunctive techniques.

Can I improve my posture with treatment?
Yes , a combination of treatment, lifestyle advice and appropriate exercises have been shown to substantially improve posture and this approach helps the Chiropractors at the clinic in Sunbury to create lasting changes in patient symptoms.
Can I claim on health insurance?

Yes. If you have private cover, we have on site health refund facilities and our practitioners are registered with all private health funds.

Note - the rebate given varies depending on company and coverage.